Customer Testimonials


Review: Excellent veterinary care. Dr. Chancellor truly cares about his animal patients and their mommies and daddies. He is a great vet and his staff provides excellent care. I highly recommend them.
-Elizabeth B

review: Aero City Animal Hospital in Huntsville. Doc is wonderful and so is the staff. They always took good care of my kitties. In fact, one of my cats was given to me by Deana who worked at the front desk.
-Laura G.

Review: My parents have used Dr. Chancellor since they bought their first pet, and still use him over 20 years later. Before we met, my wife's dog had an unknown skin issue and after multiple vet appointments Dr. Chancellor was the only one that correctly diagnosed it and it hasn't come up again in almost 5 years. No matter how he comes across, he cares deeply for any pet you bring to him.
-Rush E.

Review: My pets always love to board at Aerocity & get excited to go there. For over 23 years, Dr Chancellor has provided very good care during their checkups.

-Kim D.


Review: I found him to be kind and compassionate with our pet!
-Todd R.