Pet Procedures and Surgeries


Offering Surgical Pet Procedures

Dr. Chancellor provides an extensive range of surgical procedures from reconstructing lacerations to orthopedic procedures. Routine spaying and neutering are available when the time comes. Laser surgery is utilized for most soft tissue procedures allowing quicker return to function, less discomfort post operatively, and fewer stitches (if any at all). If your pet requires specialty care, we work hand in hand with our newly opened local Surgical Referral Centers, our regional Surgical Referral Centers such as Blue Pearl in Nashville, and veterinary school surgical specialist at Auburn University, Mississippi State University, University of Georgia, and the University of Tennessee, depending on the patients exact need. Ophthalmic procedures such as cataract removal, radical eyelid reconstruction, glaucoma surgery, corneal replacement or repair, and tumor removal from on or inside the eye can be handled by our referral eye specialist in nearby Birmingham, Alabama.

Spay / Neuter

Dr. Chancellor strongly recommends reproductive responsibility when it comes to the health of your pet and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancies contribute to our homeless animal population and overwhelm our animal support system. Spaying and neutering your pet is a necessary part of being a responsible pet parent. Making sure that your furry family members have this surgery will prevent pregnancies and eventually help reduce homeless animals in our shelters, streets, and rural areas. At Aero City Animal Hospital, we provide routine spay and neutering services for animals at or approaching six months of age or any time after this. In addition to controlling unwanted pregnancies, sterilization prevents several types of cancer in males and females as well as prostate problems in aging males leading to healthier, longer lives.

Ear and Eye Surgery

Thorough eye and ear examinations are available at any visit. Chronic ear problems are welcome. Surgical consultations are available when considering specialty eye and ear procedures such as cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment involving surgery, major eye or ear trauma, growths, and ear shaping procedures. Referral to an ophthalmologist is always available to have advanced procedures or internal ocular exams done.

Plastic Surgery

We provide a range of plastic surgery which includes corrective procedures for eyelid and nasal issues. Eyelid surgeries are ideal for the correction of entropion or ectropion as well as nasal skin fold related issues. Nasal surgeries can also be helpful for pets who have “snoring” related issues due to a restricted nasal opening. Call us today to learn more about your pet’s plastic surgery options (256) 883-2920.



If your pet is suffering from an injury or medical condition relating to the muscular or skeletal system, Dr. Chancellor will work to identify the problem and provide the necessary help to return your family member to good health. Surgery, if required, whether it’s a broken bone, a joint problem or an internal issue involving the GI track or an organ such as the spleen or structure such as the urinary bladder, can often be done in our hospital by Dr. Chancellor. Referral to the appropriate specialist is available if that is what is needed for the best result.

Soft Tissue Laser Surgery

Soft tissue laser surgery can be beneficial for many procedures and has useful surgical advantages. Decreased pain post operatively, reduced bleeding during surgery and post operatively resulting in reduced blood loss, and less risk of infection to name a few. The use of soft tissue lasers is the ideal method for performing intricate procedures for many soft tissue procedures involving the face, eyes, mouth, ears, feet, and skin, often requiring no external stitches after the procedure and no return visit to remove the stitches.