Pet Consultations


Identifying The Root Of The Problem

At Aero City Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive consultations to help determine the root issue or problem your pet might be having. After a thorough analysis of the symptoms or behavior, Dr. Chancellor will provide an individualized treatment plan. Local, Regional, and University Veterinary Specialists may be utilized to assist in the consult to help achieve the best outcome possible for you and your pet.

Dental Care

We provide a host of dental care services for your pets. Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy and strong is an important part of animal hygiene and an overall health. Our dental consultations will help determine issues with your pet’s teeth and determine what we can do to improve it’s dental health. We provide routine dental care with specialist consultations if needed.


At Aero City Animal Hospital, we offer consultations for all cardiac related problems. Digital radiographs and Electrocardiograms (EKG’s) are available, when more in-depth knowledge is needed. Second opinions, by board-certified cardiologists and radiologists, are routine, because our EKG's are transmitted to our Veterinary Cardiac Consultants in New York City (world renowned) and our digital radiographs can be sent to Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine electronically for rapid review. EKG results can be available within minutes, if critical. Lifestyle, diet, and necessary medications will be discussed during the consult.


Good health is vital for a prolonged AND full life for our aging pets. Dr. Chancellor will work closely with you to help determine if health-related issues are an underlying problem for your senior family member. We can provide a range of treatments and services for senior pets to both help prevent issues brought on by aging, as well as taking care of current problems. Exercise, lifestyle, and medications, to help improve the quality of your pets life, will be discussed during the consult as applicable.