Diagnostic Testing For Pets


Laboratory Tests and X-Rays

We can often provide routine in-house laboratory workups the same day if needed with more sophisticated test results available by the next day in many cases. Our Radiology (x-rays) procedures are typically completed the same day with Auburn Veterinary School Radiologist consults available by digital image transfer if needed. Typically we are able to diagnose and begin in-house treatment of abnormalities within hours of your pet’s diagnosis. Lab tests check for such things as pregnancy, anemia, kidney, and liver function levels, leukemia, intestinal and blood-borne parasites, fleas, ticks, protozoan parasites, heartworms, pancreatitis, heart disease, bladder infections (UTI’s) and so many more. We have access to and use one of the largest veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the US for much of our testing if we can’t do it in our office lab. Radiologists at Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine can give us quick second opinions on our digitally referred radiographs when needed and for cardiology we use a world-renowned consulting team in New York City to help us provide the best treatment available in a timely manner. Outside lab procedure results are available electronically as soon as we are notified they are ready.

In order to be proactive in your pets’ healthcare and gain a deeper understanding of your pets' health, we often utilize laboratory tests to determine not only your pets' general health but to look for hidden problems or suspected diseases. This helps us identify issues and allows us the opportunity to deal with them as quickly as possible. As noted above, we provide quick turnaround in-house testing as well as multiple specialty laboratory utilization for uncommon or complicated procedures.

When you see how much our team truly cares about the well-being of your pet as well as your entire family, you will know you made the right decision choosing Aero City Animal Hospital

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